Start chatting with Sellers, buyers,  Authors, book readers, and students all over the world, now you can create your own room where you can either set it as.

1. A public room where it is available to all members.

2 A password protected room, where only the members you provided the password to, can access the room.

3. Invite only room, where you only invite who you want to be in the room.

With this feature you are able to stay connected with book readers and find other members who share the same interest and insights on books. Our live chat service also provide all students the ability to create the same rooms listed above.

Students can now create study group rooms, tutoring rooms and help one another and more. One of the best feature our live chat service offer is that you will be able to chat with other members, via chat room text messaging, voice calling, Audio Conference, group video call, one on one video call.

Members can create their own virtual hangout space by using the Video Conference feature in the chatroom. A member can initiate a video Conference and the other members who wish to join the Conference can simply do so by clicking on the link in the chatroom.  The gaming feature in our live chat keep our members entertained. Members can indulge in a host of single and multi-player games that gives them a competitive edge.

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